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All you need to know about haircare from Jawed Habib

Fashion Hair stylist Jawed Habib loves the very essence of life. His only mantra in life is to live each day like it is your first. And this thought fills him up with immense positive energy that it instantly rubs on to people around him. He can have you in splits and his million dollar smile will simply make you fall in love with your life all over again. “I am twenty-six for the past twenty-six years,” he remarks when we ask him the secret behind his unmatched energy.

He further adds, “Why should we live with worries, today is a new day and as you go to bed just bury your thoughts because tomorrow is going to a new beginning for you, a new-birth." In a fun-filled conversation with Mybangalore.com Jawed Habib gives us a low down on the importance of keeping your hair luscious and beautiful. Below are the excerpts from the interview.

What is hat one hair product that is extremely essential?

Shampoo, shampoo and only shampoo. I stress on it so much because shampoo is something that one needs for a healthy hair. A good shampoo will clean your hair making it look great.

How does one choose the right shampoo?

One should choose a shampoo according to their hair texture. There are two types of hair type. One is the shiny hair which means that your hair is oily and you need to use a shampoo based on such hair type and this kind of hair needs less conditioner. The second type of hair is dull, which means it’s dry and one needs to invest in a good shampoo and conditioner for such hair type.

How often can one shampoo?

There is a lot of myth when it comes to often should one shampoo. I say one should shampoo their hair every day. It’s humid during summer, which makes the scalp very oily and further leads to dandruff. And that in turn leads to grey hair. Healthy clean hair grows faster.

Is it important to oil the hair?

I don’t think oiling is very important. Whatever time you invest in oiling your scalp, if the same effort you put in altering your eating habits, you will notice the difference.

How important is a good hair cut for an individual?

It’s the first thing you see in a person. Hair cut is extremely important. It defines your look. The first time you look at yourself in the mirror and the only that you notice is your hair. The right length and the right style are extremely important.

What are the essential styling aids?

A good shampoo, a great styling product with proper hair care treatments like deep conditioning and hair spas are the enough to maintain the hair.

According to you what is a good hair length to have?

Anything that is till the shoulder is a good length. It’s a perfect length because you can leave it or style it with extreme ease.

What are the trends in hair cut?

There are no trends in hair cut. Trend is your lifestyle and it’s ‘You’. Off late people are more open to different cuts and trying new colours. The whole amalgam is very exciting.

Which is that one colour that would suit all skin tones?

The younger generation is more open in trying weird colours, which goes with their lifestyle and age. And it’s always the softer colours for mid age people. But Khaki Gold is one colour that goes well with the Indian skin tone.

How safe are hair extensions?

I personally don’t recommend hair extensions at all. They are extremely heavy and weighs down the scalp. They pull the hair down which further leads to hair fall. And mostly it’s very expensive and not everyone in our country can afford it. It’s just good for stage shows and movies.