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Hello My hair is actually slightly wavy.But due to pollution n my ignorance, first half of my hair is slightly wavy n second half has turned frizzy, dry n full of split ends.my hair length is slightly below my shoulders.I wanna give a good hair cut and also salon treatment.Plz telme which haircut n treatment do i get done?
From: 'Sana' on 15th July 2013, Monday
Hi sir,i am neelu from agra,i have thick n rough hairs..i didnt hav haircut since 1.5 years..hoping that i'll drop in ur salon whenevr i will go to delhi..kindly let me know which branch shud i visit and which all hair product shud i use..length of my hairs is medium to long..i m eagerly waiting for ur reply
From: 'Neelu' on 12th July 2013, Friday
How to decide that which hair-style suits us (i.e.For Men)?
From: 'JANMESH' on 11th July 2013, Thursday
Jawed : 12th July 2013, Friday
Styling is always texture based . go to your hair dresser and give him a free hand to work on it.

Sir mere mathe par hair he. i want a perfect hairstyle tha suits on me. pls. help me..
From: 'Tarun' on 10th July 2013, Wednesday
Jawed : 12th July 2013, Friday
The haircut has to be going away from your forehead and for that you require a layered cut.

Hello, from the childhood itself my hairs are super thin and very less too, however they don't look lifeless at all .Also they look voluminous too ( but that's just illusion you can say,they just look like so).They are of waist length,I need a hair cut for daily active life. I am tired of pony tails and side braids. What should I do...please give me a brief detail.like which hair cut and the products everything
From: 'Ankita' on 10th July 2013, Wednesday
Jawed : 12th July 2013, Friday
Dear ankita. Your problem is long hair. Get them cut into long layers and shampoo everyday.

Hello Sir, i am Vikas Rukhaya, I a 23 yrs old student and i stay in Bangalore, actually from past a lot of years I am facing hair fall problem, i have taken a lot of treatment but hair fall is not coming to an end,please help me out by suggesting what should do now, i am very tensed. I am eagerly waiting to listen from you. I shall be very thankful to you for this.
From: 'Vikas' on 10th July 2013, Wednesday
Jawed : 12th July 2013, Friday
Dear Vikas, Bangalore climate has got a lot of iron and because of that we tend to lose hair a lot. My advice is to shampoo everyday with normal hair shampoo. No anti dandruff shampoo's and no treatment will work so do not waste your money and time. If the iron is washed out everyday fall will stop.

June 27th straighting hair in my parlour,cream is used glatte is .....hair condition is Saibava hair style Glatte but hair is no straight please solution me sir.
From: 'Smitha' on 09th July 2013, Tuesday
Jawed : 12th July 2013, Friday
When going for a straightening treatment the result is not company it is how you do it. So there is some problem in the straightening process.

I had done permanant straightening last september 2012 at javed saloon at panjim goa.now the front hair are gaining normal texture that is semi curly.front hair are curld but back hair are straight.so they dont look good.plz suggest a gud hairstyle.my hairlength is upto shoulder level
From: 'Tanvi' on 09th July 2013, Tuesday
Jawed : 12th July 2013, Friday
Go for straightening again . plus get at least two three inches shorter at the back.

I am eshika of 18 years.i am facing problem of hair fall and lack of shiny hair.please sir suggest me some steps to get healty and shiny hair.l
From: 'Eshika' on 08th July 2013, Monday
Jawed : 12th July 2013, Friday
Seems you have a dry hair shampoo every day with normal hair plus use hair serum. Do spa treatment once a month. You can also use a paste of methi dana.

Regards sir..my hair too much dull nd rough by birth i hv healthy hair but not smoth n silky .so plz suggest me.wht i will do.for streight nd silky hair.. most of the time people suggest me for hair cutting bcz i hv nt good hairs. but i like long hairs so plz help me....thanx sir
From: 'Chanchal' on 08th July 2013, Monday
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