Jawed Habib

Jawed Habib



Jawed Habib Akter is a renowned hair stylist known for his association with fashion and film celebrities. Following the footsteps of his family profession, Jawed's optimistic and amazing zest for life has made him the face of Indian Hair Styling. After studying French literature in Delhi, Jawed went to London's Morris School of Hair Design specializing in Hair Coloring & Setting and Dressing Out. 

Back in India, Jawed introduced Hair Color to the young fashionable India. Jawed Habib shot to fame with his drive to make hair color fashionable and acceptable across all sections of society in India. Jawed has been the Brand Ambassador for Sunsilk Hair Care products Unilever, Panasonic Electronics, holds the Limca Book of Records with a feat of 410 hair cuts in a day and has been the official Hair Stylist for Femina Miss India Beauty pageants. These aggressive media mileage along with a series of Workshops, Seminar conducted by Jawed Habib has carved a niche for himself in the field of professional and creative hairstyling in India. 

By this time, Jawed Habib had become the only Hair Stylist who was recognized by his name, face and his associated brands. His humble and simple nature had triggered the hearts and minds of millions in India and around the world. Using this opportunity, Jawed Habib ventured into setting up his own Hair & Beauty salons integrating hairstyling & beauty services. His concept of hairstyling is a perfect amalgam of Indian & western hairstyling based on science and geometrical system. His skills, aesthetic sensitivity and solid expertise, helped him understand the needs of growing Indian market. 

The breathtaking achievements prove his excellence on all kinds of hair so it is modest to say that getting your hair done at Jawed Habib's spells the message loud and clear that you're in tune with the times". The Jawed Habib brand commands the highest brand recall in his business cutting across masses and classes. Jawed Habib has been instrumental in building the brand over the past two decades. JH Ltd derives considerable leverage from the Jawed Habib brand and is able to attract customers on the strength of this brand.